This is what Capitalism looks like.

So Alberta's Premier Rachel Notley is pissed that the Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall (pictured) is trying to lure energy companies over the provincial border. Really? You mean another province is trying to capitalize on bad policy and the anti-business stance in Alberta? It's almost like a store offering customer service to pilfer clients from their competitor down the street. That's capitalism in it's truest form baby. Premier Notley, you can gripe and moan all you want about what Premier Wall is doing, but count yourself lucky that the business is going to at least stay in Canadian borders. To me, this is just more evidence (if we even needed it), that these NDP politicians want to manage every aspect of the economy, our businesses, and our lives.

I saw this coming a mile away, that's why I have been buying Canadian stocks attached to the province of Saskatchewan since the last election in Alberta. By no means am I rooting for Alberta to lose, but it is nice to see capitalism giving these masochists a dose of reality. If we are going to self-immolate our businesses community we can expect more of these types of stories.

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