Trump Calls Out Canada Dairy Trade as "Very Unfair"

In a surprising twist, Donald Trump recently called out Canada as treating the United States unfairly when it comes to Free Trade. Presumably wanting to build support for his middle-class base, he has stated his intentions for re-working free trade to benefit the US. President Trump went on to criticize NAFTA further citing that it has been bad for American companies and workers.

As I write this, I have an interesting side note since in my previous occupation I worked for a distributor that imported components from the US. As a purchaser, I had to take training through UPS and learn the in's and out's of NAFTA as far as it concerned our company. What I learned through this training was that this process largely favoured the American companies, we usually paid the fees whether we were shipping or receiving goods from the US. In fact, many of the U.S. dealers we worked with were not even aware of the fees involved when importing or exporting goods because the Canadian company was always stuck with the bill and the paperwork. This could be anecdotal because it may have only related to the industry I was in, however, it stands to reason that the USA has already used it's bargaining power to get the upper hand in Trade with Canada.

I'm looking forward to hearing the response from Canadian Dairy Farmers and organizations like Alberta Milk (Alberta Dairy Farmers).

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