Progressives Hypocrisy on using "R" Words

While running for leadership of the new Alberta UCP party, Brian Jean tweeted out an apology for his "regretful word choice" after critics called him on using such an "offensive word".
However, it is stunning how hypersensitive progressives, NDP, and the media are to the word "retarded" yet never seem to employ that same sensitivity when blanket accusing conservatives of being "racist".
It seems as though the same people who are repulsed by someone using "retarded" to describe ideas that fit the dictionary definition of the word have seemingly no problem with comparing modern conservatives with people that lynch people with different skin tone out of pure hatred.

As a matter of fact it's odd that the progressives taking issue with Jean's choice of words immediately think of folks with physical handicaps, something that obviously hadn't entered his mind when he was trying to explain the stupidity of the policy in question. Even if we granted the premise that Brian Jean's intent was to compare his political adversaries with someone with a mental handicap, I would much rather be compared to a person with a disability vs. being grouped with purely evil people that hate individuals simply based on skin colors.

So either progressives need to start holding back their own ranks from the politically charged calls of racism directed at Alberta's United Conservative Party, or they need to accept that folks on the right are going to start fighting fire with fire.

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