The Guardian: "With pledges to subject immigrants to a “Canadian values” test, Kellie Leitch has stoked increased racism toward Muslims and racialized people"..

Anti-establishment sentiment is surging to a record high—the question now is who will capture and channel it.

Thursday 16 February 2017 20.42 GMT Last modified on Friday 17 February 2017 14.41 GMT
Believe Canada is immune to Trump-like conservatism? That the country could never be swept by a right-wing populist scapegoating the vulnerable, promising to bring back jobs, and beating the drum of law-and-order? Think again. The conditions for such an eruption are on stark display.

A poll released this week reveals a stunning lack of trust in government among people in Canada—and a dramatic drop since Justin Trudeau came to power. No less than 80 percent think the Canadian elite are “out of touch” with ordinary people. 60 percent believe mainstream politicians won’t solve our problems. As in the rest of the world, it is no different here: anti-establishment and populist sentiment is surging like never before.

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